Czech School of Perth

The school offers professional pre-school and school education in the Czech language.


Wembley Downs Primary School

39 Bournemouth Cres., Wembley Downs, WA 6019


every school Saturday

from 9: 30 12 to: 00


Jitka Smith



@ CzechSchoolPerth

Czech School of Perth

for children from 3 years

The course focuses on the development of language and good communication skills, preparation and teaching of reading and writing. She is familiar with Czech culture, creation and traditions.

The Perth Czech School was based on parents' motivations from the well-established Czech "playgroup". The principal initiator, Tereza Rada, who herself as a child studied the Czech language in Melbourne,
she wanted to move from playing playgroup to more formal and intensive teaching of the Czech language. She found the rooms as well as Mrs. Gábina Baladová and 17. October 2009 School Launched Its
lessons at the Loftus Community Center in Leederville. In class, 12 was from less than three to five years of age.

Since then, many have changed. The school has grown, pupils have grown up and we have learned a lot from what we do. However, the main reason for the existence of the school did not change, even in children
to develop love and understanding of the Czech language in all its forms.

The main aim of the education and training process is therefore mainly the development of language and the building of good communication skills. The interactive method is for children
Czech culture, creation, tradition and everyday life. There is also an acquaintance with nature and homeland. The lessons are exclusively Czech - in principle we teach mother tongue,
and the lessons are being prepared in the spirit of Comenius - School game.

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