Czech and Slovak Association of Western Australia

The Czech and Slovak expatriate club is a small Czechoslovak island in Western Australia. Throughout the sixty-year history of the club, regimes were changed in the homeland and divided the republics, but the essence of our compatriot association is still the same.

We like to meet, we like to speak Czech and Slovak, we like our culture and tradition, which we want to keep for ourselves and our children despite the geographical latitudes and longitudes.

The Czech and Slovak Association in West Australia publishes magazine Klokan monthly and provides information to compatriots. We also cover projects for teaching Czech for children and adults and the Perth Film Festival. Throughout the year the Association organizes a number of cultural events for children and adults.

If you are Czechs, Slovaks, friends or sympathizers of Czechoslovak culture, we will be happy to meet you at some of the club's events.

The Czech and Slovak Association in WA is a local community club with 65 years of existence. The Association provides the opportunity to enjoy and participate in cultural, educational, sporting and other social activities to all Czech and Slovak nationals, their families and other persons who want to participate in the activities.

We offer Czech language classes for adults and children. The classes for adults are for students of all levels and diverse backgrounds.

Czech School Perth provides Czech language tuition for children from 3 years of age; Most children come from bilingual families. Regular Saturday classes are enriched by workshops, cultural events and camps.

Our club produces a community magazine named Kangaroo (Kangaroo), published monthly since 1995 with an insert for children called "Joye" and runs a library for adults and children.

In the past decade the club has attracted many new, often bilingual, families and young people who are keen to keep the language and culture and also promote it to the broad community. We already cooperate with many other communities and participate in each other's events and are keen to share our culture with Perth diverse community.

You do not have to be Czech or Slovak to join us. Everyone from all backgrounds and walks of life is welcome at our club. The variety and the number of activities we host every year is sure to pleasantly surprise you.

Do not hesitate to get in touch and we encourage you to browse our website for more information.
We look forward to seeing you at one of our many events soon.

The Committee of the Czech and Slovak Associations in WA

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