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Czech and Slovak Association in Western Australia

The Czech and Slovak Compatriots' Club is a small Czechoslovak island in Western Australia.

Throughout the club's almost seventy-year history, regimes have changed in the homeland and divided republics,
however, the essence of our expatriate association is still the same.

Happy to meet, happy we speak Czech and Slovak, we like our culture and traditions,
which we want to keep for ourselves and our children despite longitudes and latitudes.

The Czech and Slovak Association in Western Australia publishes the monthly Klokan and provides information for compatriots. It also provides Czech language teaching projects for children and adults and the Perth Film Festival.
The association organizes a number of cultural events for children and adults throughout the year.

If you are Czechs, Slovaks, friends or supporters of Czechoslovak culture,
we will be happy to see you at some of the events of our club.

Photo competition for amateur photographers

It is exactly ten years since Lochman Transparencies - ie Marie and Jiří Lochman - announced a competition for amateur photographers in our community. The competition was very well received at that time, several dozens of competitors entered it and Maruška and Jirka had a difficult task to select the best photographs. The winners were then announced in July of the same year at a social evening with a photographic theme.
This year, 10 years later, we invite all lovers of digital moment capture to the next photo competition. As in 2010, the competition is now divided into two age categories with the same themes. Anyone in our community who likes taking pictures can participate in the contest.

Klokan magazine

Krajanský časopis Klokan was founded in 1995 and his name was given by the then club treasurer Mr. Josef Netolický.

Klokan publishes once a month, informs about events, brings news from home or important information from consulates, publishes interesting articles, entertainment, and classifieds. From the beginning of 2011, Kangaroo also has its full-color electronic version, and e-mail and web pages get more readers as "eKlokan". Since June 2012, the Kangaroo is expanding with a separate 4-page attachment for kids - Klokanek. Klokanek is published in Czech and Slovak alternately.

Czech School of Perth

The course focuses on the development of language and good communication skills, preparation and teaching of reading and writing. She is familiar with Czech culture, creation and traditions.

The Perth Czech School was based on parents' motivations from the well-established Czech "playgroup". The principal initiator, Tereza Rada, who herself as a child studied the Czech language in Melbourne,
she wanted to move from playing playgroup to more formal and intensive teaching of the Czech language. She found the rooms as well as Mrs. Gábina Baladová and 17. October 2009 School Launched Its
lessons at the Loftus Community Center in Leederville. In class, 12 was from less than three to five years of age.

Through the International Organization for Refugees and the Australian Government's program, refugees have flowed to Australia from the communist regime in Czechoslovakia since 1949.

However, larger groups of exiles only arrived in Fremantle port during the year 1950.

One of the biggest events of the Czech and Slovak Association in Western Australia is the Film Festival. The festival has been in Perth for five years.

Czech & Slovak Association in Western Australia, Inc. is a compatriot of Czechs and Slovaks living in Western Australia.

Membership in the Czech and Slovak Association arises by paying an annual membership fee and completing the membership application.

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