Members of 2017


Jitka Smith

Deputy chairman

Radek Václavík


Martina Tlams


Michaela Ondová


Iva Zausin, Gabriela Baladova, Vlasta Thomas, Jiří Voyt, Katka Hnědkovská, Katarína Kysucká, Martin Udall, Veronika Lakay, Petra Jerejian, Kateřina Švejcarová

Lucie Vrbská (Editor-in-Chief of Klokan Magazine -

Become a member of the Czech and Slovak Association Committee in Western Australia

  • do you enjoy organizing events, are you social and do you care about maintaining Czech and Slovak culture and language in Australia?
  • Would you like to get a work experience and introduce a CV from different disciplines such as "event management, accounting, hospitality, graphic design, social media?"
  • you would like to make new contacts and get new friends
  • Do you like to meet interesting people such as artists, athletes and adventurers visiting the Czech Republic and Slovakia?
  • is it appealing to you to be part of a great team that is involved in representing our culture in Western Australia?

Whether you are students, seniors, mums or daddy at maternity, the application will be found for everyone!
We need you! If you are interested, you can contact a member of the committee or write to us by e-mail:
or Facebook:

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